Monday, April 14, 2014

Windows 8 Password Reset without Disk

Forgot your Windows 8 password? If you have created a password reset disk as long as you set a password for your account, it would cause no panic at all when you forgot your Windows 8 password. But what if you have to perform Windows 8 password reset without disk? That shouldn’t cause your panic as well. Here we especially list optional ways for you to perform Windows 8 password reset without disk.

Windows 8 Password Reset with other Accessible Administrator Account
If you forgot Windows 8 password and know that there is no password reset disk created before for sure, check whether there is an account with administrator privileges among the accessible accounts. If have, switch to log in to that accessible administrator account.
1. Login with that accessible administrator account to get into locked Windows 8 first.
2. Press Windows key + X key to open Computer Management window.

3. Expand Local Users and Groups and then Users folder.
4. Right click on the target Windows 8 user account you forgot its password and select Set Password button.
5. Enter the new password and reenter it to confirm.
6. Click OK button to save the changes.

Windows 8 Password Reset with Alternative & Available Sign-in Options
Windows 8 features the option to sign in using a local user account, a Microsoft account, a picture password or a PIN code. If you signed for a Microsoft account or created a picture password or PIN code, try login with any alternative sign-in option first and then reset Windows 8 forgotten password.
1. Click Sign-in options link and choose Password, PIN or Picture password to sign in your Windows 8.
After successful sign-in, you can reset your Windows 8 local account password easily.
2. Press Windows key + X key simultaneously and select Command Prompt (Admin) option.
3. In Command Prompt window, type the command: net user User-Name New-Password and press Enter key to perform Windows 8 password reset.
When you see the prompt that The command completed successfully, you have reset your Windows 8 password successfully.

Windows 8 Password Reset with Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker Advanced
The above two ways only feasible when you meet certain premises, but what if you didn’t meet? Can you still perform Windows 8 password reset besides with password reset disk created before? This method comes to your need.
1. Use any accessible computer with Internet to download and install Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker Advanced.
2. Run the installed Asunsoft and choose USB device or CD/DVD as the media to create a bootable password reset disk.
3. Insert a USB flash drive or CD/DVD disk, select it from the pull-down list and then click Begin burning button.
4. Transfer the already burned USB flash drive or CD/DVD disk to the locked Windows 8 computer. Start Windows 8 computer, press Boot Menu key as soon as possible to enter Boot Menu screen and select Removable devices or CD/DVD-ROM Drive option.
5. Select the target user account you forgot its password, click Reset Password button, click Yes to reset its password to blank.
6. Click Reboot button when password has been reset as Blank. Eject your USB flash drive or CD/DVD disk and click Yes button to restart your computer now.