Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Forgot the Password to My Laptop

Forgot the Windows password to your laptop and thus being locked out of it? What can you do? No need take your laptop to a computer technician or a computer repair store. You yourself can fix it easily at home. Now this article will introduce some common ways to reset forgotten password for Dell/Acer/HP/Samsung/Lenovo etc. laptop.

You run Windows 8 or Windows 7? Or you say that you run Windows XP? No problem at all. Because the ways I’m going to introduce apply to almost all Windows systems. So don’t worry!

Way 1: Reset Forgotten Laptop Password with another Accessible Administrator

Essential: An accessible administrator account.

When you get the prompt the username or password is incorrect, input the password again to make sure that you type it correctly. Is still wrong again? Remind whether there is any accessible administrator account, if there is, switch to log in with that accessible administrator account.
1. Click Start button and type lusrmgr.msc in the search box. Press Enter to open Local Users and Groups. For Windows 8 user, swipe the mouse cursor to the top right corner or lower right corner, then you can see the Search icon.
2. Expand Users folder and then you can have a look at all user account on your laptop.
3. Right click on the target user account you forgot its password and select Set Password option.
4. Click Proceed button to input a new password and confirm it.
5. Click OK button to save the changes made.

Lesson Learned: You can add more one spare administrator account on your laptop. You can leave its password blank in case you forgot its password as well for long time no log in.

Way 2: Reset Forgotten Laptop Password with Password Reset Disk

Essential: The password reset disk created before password forgotten.

Almost all Windows system support creating a password reset disk after creating a new user account and password for it. Its function is to reset password when you are locked out of your Windows. If you have one, do as the followings do and soon you will be enlightened.
1. When it prompted you that the username or password is wrong, try once again first and if you still get the prompt, click OK button.
2. Insert the Windows password reset disk you created before into your laptop and then click Reset password link under the password box.
3. In Password Reset Wizard window, click Next button to continue to select the inserted disk drive name from the pull-down list and then click Next button to go on again. 
4. Reset a new password for you laptop, confirm it and then click Next button to Finish laptop password reset.
If you have no idea of what the password reset disk is mentioned above, then I guess that you didn’t create a password reset disk when you create a password for your laptop user account. If now you have another accessible computer at hand, you can check Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts > Create a password reset disk.

Lesson Learned: Whenever create a password for a user account on your laptop, you can create a password reset disk in advance in case forgot laptop password again.

What if you didn’t meet the essentials in the above two ways? Is there any other effective way to reset forgotten password for your laptop? The follow way to be introduced will get you there.

Way Three: Reset Forgotten Laptop Password with Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker

Essential: Another accessible computer with Internet & a USB flash drive or CD/DVD disk & the full version of Windows Password Geeker

Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker is professional to reset Windows password. As long as you have another accessible computer to download the full version of the program and a USB flash drive or CD/DVD disk, it can help you reset forgotten laptop password under most situations.

1. Use another accessible computer to search and download the full version of Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker and then install it.
Why you have to download the full version is that the trial version only helps you experience and familiarize the program but it won’t take effect to reset any password.
2. Run the installed program and follow its on-screen steps to burn it into the USB flash drive or CD/DVD disk to create a password recovery disk.
3. Transfer the created password recovery disk into your locked laptop. Start or restart your laptop, press corresponding key it prompted to enter Boot Menu. Then select USB-Hard-Disk (Removable Devices) or CD/DVD-ROM Drive option to set laptop boot from USB flash drive or CD/DVD disk respectively.
Some Common Laptop Boot Menu Key for your reference:
Dell – F12
Acer – F12
HP – F9
Samsung – F12
Lenovo – F12
4. Select the target user account you forgot password, click Reset Password button to reset and then click Reboot button to restart your laptop to log in your laptop without password or with new password.
Lesson Learned: There are always ways to solve password forgetting problems. If you failed trying other ways, you can give this way a try. It can reset forgotten or lost password what other ways cannot.