Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Help! Forgot Windows 7 Administrator Password

Need a way around password on administrator account in windows 7 new machine and during setup password was entered accidentally and don’t know it.  Data from old machine is transferred, so I do not want to do a complete re-install of operating system, or i will lose data. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Are you encountering similar situation that you forgot your Windows 7 Administrator password? What’s worse, if it is the only one administrator account, it means you would lose administrator privileges over your Windows 7 computer and cannot freely to install or uninstall a software, update drivers or access to files need administrator privileges.

Here provides two small and feasible countermeasures toward forgetting Windows 7 administrator password.

Remove Forgotten Windows 7 Administrator Password
If you forgot Windows 7 administrator password, personally, I think removing the old forgotten password is the brightest and most direct way.

Because you have forgotten administrator password, so removing from Control Panel becomes impossible. But you can remove forgotten administrator password with a third-party tool just like removing a lock with a handle.
Step 1: Download and install Windows 7 Password Geeker on another accessible computer first.
Step 2: Create a Windows 7 password reset disk by burning the software into USB flash drive or CD/DVD disk. Choose USB device or CD/DVD, and correspondingly insert a USB flash drive or CD/DVD disk, and then click Begin burning button.
Step 3: Transfer that USB flash drive or CD/DVD disk loaded with Windows 7 Password Geeker into locked Windows 7 computer and set the computer boot from the USB or CD/DVD.
Step 4: When locked Windows 7 computer booted from the USB or CD/DVD, Windows 7 Password Geeker will start automatically and shows you its password reset interface.
Step 5: You select the user name corresponding to your administrator account and click Reset Password button to reset its password to blank.
Step 6: Click Reboot button to restart the computer. Eject your USB flash drive or CD/DVD disk and click Yes to confirm restarting.
Now you have removed your forgotten Windows 7 administrator password and can login back without password.

Tip: For safety’s sake, after login your Windows 7 computer, this time you can set a secure password by following principles. And, create a password reset disk for it right after create the new password.

Bypass Forgotten Windows 7 Administrator Password by Creating a New Administrator Account
You would ask that generally we create a new account from Control Panel by Administrator account, how could we create a new administrator account when cannot login with our administrator account. Windows 7 Password Geeker again, besides removing forgotten password, it supports creating a new administrator account without log in.
Do Step 1 to Step 4 just as above.
Step 5: When you are in Windows 7 Password Geeker password reset interface, you directly click Add User button.
Step 6: Type in a new User Name and its new Password. Click OK button to save.
Step 7: Click Reboot button when you see the newly added account is shown. Eject your USB flash drive or CD/DVD disk and click Yes to confirm restarting.
Login your Windows 7 computer with the newly created user account and its new password.