Monday, May 12, 2014

How to Format USB Flash Drive on Windows 8

Normally we have to beware of formatting our USB flash drive for we use it to store or transport some useful and important but not large amount of data because it is small, portable and convenient to carry. But if its available space is limited and you want a clean drive to store your files on, you can easily format your USB flash drive directly instead of deleting the existing files one by one troublesomely.

Now this article illustrates you how to format your USB flash drive on Windows 8 easily.

Note: Before you perform the following operations, please make sure that there are no important data in your USB flash drive or you have backed up them already.

Step 1: Plug your USB flash drive into your Windows 8 computer. And the computer will detect and recognize it as a removable disk drive automatically.
Step 2: Open Computer and right click on the corresponding removable disk drive you plugged in it displays. Select Format item.
Step 3: Format Removable Disk dialogue box would appear.
Step 4: Customize the specifications to format your USB flash drive.
Leave the Capacity as it is. Your computer is more accurate than you.
Under File system, you select FAT 32 option for it is the most compatible one.
Leave Allocation unit size as default.
Check Quick Format voluntarily on your own.
Step 5: Click Start button after you have finalized your selections.
Step 6: Click OK button to confirm formatting when it prompts you that formatting will erase ALL data on this disk.
Step 7: Soon the Format process will be completed according to your specifications. And you have formatted your USB flash drive on Windows 8 successfully.