Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Two Ways to Remove Password from Word 2007 Document

How many ways do you know to remove Word Open password? This article shows two easy ways to remove password from Word 2007 document. With the two ways, you also can remove password from Word 2003/2010/2013 document.

Do you think it is very troublesome and a waste of time when you are asked to enter password each time you open a Word document. Do you feel annoying when you get a password protected Word document, but you can’t open it for not knowing its password? Do you feel worried when you forgot/lost your Word document Open password?

If you are troubled by the problems above, you need to remove Word password. Following, see the specific ways.

Way 1: Open Word document to remove its password

If you want your Word document unprotected by password, just open it to remove its password.
Step 1: Double click on your password protected Word document.
Step 2: Enter password to open the Word document.
Step 3: Click on the Office button and select Save As.

Step 4: Select one location where you will save the word document. Then click on Tools button and select General Options.

Step 5: In General Options dialog, remove the password to open and click on OK.

Step 6: Click on Save

Now the Word document is unprotected by password. Next time you can directly open it without password.

Way 2: Remove Word document password when locked out.

When you are locked out of a password protected word document for password forgotten or lost, you can remove the password online.
Step 1: Install Word Password Clearer on your computer and then run it.
Step 2: Click on its Open button.

Step 3: Navigate to your password protected Word document and import it to Word Password Clearer.

Step 4: Click on Remove Password button.

Step 5: You will be told that your Word password will be removed by connecting to Asunsoft server online. Click on OK to confirm.

Step 6: Now just patiently wait when the word document decryption is being on.

Step 7: When password is removed successfully, click on Open button to directly open your Word document.