Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to Unlock WinRAR Password Protected Files

You cannot unpack a password protected WinRAR file without password. So you are locked out of your WinRAR file? Then how can you open the files/folders/documents in the WinRAR file? Take it easy. Now share you the powerful tool – RAR Password Geeker, which can help you unlock your password protected WinRAR files

Step 1: Install RAR Password Geeker
Download RAR Password Geeker on Asunsoft official site. And install it on your computer.

Step 2: Launch RAR Password Geeker.

Step 3: Open password protected WinRAR file.

1. Click on Open button.
  2.Navigate to the path to your password protected WinRAR file.
3. Select it and click on Open button.

Step 4: Find WinRAR password.

So the password protected WinRAR file is now imported into this tool. Click on Start button. Then it immediately starts to find the WinRAR password.

Step 5: Unlock WinRAR file.

It will find the WinRAR file password with very fast speed. And the password will be displayed. Just click on Copy button and paste the password to unlock your password protected WinRAR file.

The RAR Password Geeker is a one of the most efficient and powerful RAR password recovery tool, which can help find/recover password for WinRAR/RAR files. When you forgot or lost your WinRAR/RAR files password, with this tool you can select one appropriate attack type to recover your password with the fastest speed and within the shortest time. Then unlock your password protected WinRAR/RAR files.
  1. Select the Brute-Force attack if you know your password range. Then it will find your password in the specified range.
  2. Select Mask attack and set a mask when you still can remember some parts of your password.
  3. Select Dictionary attack if your password is some keyword. It will find your WinRAR/RAR file password from its built-in dictionary.
  4. Just select Smart attack if you know nothing about the password.

No matter how, this tool will efficiently find/recover your RAR password so that you can unlock your password protected WinRAR/RAR file.