Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Microsoft Surface Tablet Forgot Windows 8 Password, How to Sign in?

How can you sign in when forgot Windows 8 password on your Microsoft Surface?

Most of us have the habit of setting password for our devices, desktop/laptop/surface tablet/mobile phone etc. To safeguard data security, some people even regularly change the password, which makes it easy to forget the password. While it is not that bad when you forgot Windows 8 password on your surface.

Now in this article I will show several effective solutions for Windows 8 password forgotten on Microsoft Surface. No matter you are using Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro 3, from here you can find one appropriate solution to regain access to your Windows 8.

Part 1: Forgot Microsoft Account Password
Part 2: Forgot Local Account Password

Part 1: Forgot Microsoft account password.

Solution: Reset Microsoft account password online

If you used an email address and password to sign in to your Windows 8 surface, you can reset your password online.

Part 2: Forgot Local account password.

If you forgot password for your local account, there are 4 options.

Solution 1: Use password hint to retrieve password.

If you have ever set a password hint, then when you sign in to Windows 8 with a wrong password the password hint will appear on the logon screen. Use the hint to memories your password.

If you really can’t remember your password even with the help of hint. Read on the following solutions.

Solution 2: Use administrator account to reset password.

If you still have another administrator account and password on your surface, you can sign in to your Windows 8 with this administrator account and reset any other account’s password. If you have no another administrator account, just read on the following methods.

Solution 3: Reset password with reset disk.

1.       If you have ever created a password reset disk for your account, insert it into your surface to reset password.
2.       If you have no any previously created reset disk, you can use a third-party tool like Asunsoft Windows Password Geeker to instantly create a reset disk, and then use it to reset Windows 8 password on your surface tablet.

Note: This solution doesn’t work with the original Surface RT.

Solution 4: Reset your surface.

The last solution is to reset your surface, which means restoring your surface to its factory settings. A reset will erase all your personal files, apps and other data. There is no doubt that your Windows 8 password will be removed so that you can sign in to your surface without password.

Warning: If you have no any backup and don’t want to lose any data on your surface, you are not recommended to reset your surface.