Monday, March 17, 2014

How to Log in Network Shared Folder with another New User and Password on Windows 8

There are many situations where we share folders in our computer with others for convenience, for example, you can realize resources sharing with coworkers through network shared folders in your work. But some resources are not open to all people, and thus we set password for those informative shared folders.

When you first access to certain password-protected network shared folder under Windows, you are required to type in correct user name and corresponding password to login in. Then the Windows will record the logged-in user and password as the default one. But some different folders under the same IP address may ask different user name and password to access, then how to log network shared folder with another new user and password? Let’s take Windows 8 as an example to illustrate.

First option you can choose is to restart your Windows 8. And then you can see the user name and password dialog box again. But what if you don’t want take the trouble to do that? Then you can do the followings:
1. Press Windows + R key to open Run box in Windows 8.
2. Type in “cmd” in the Run box and press Enter key to open the command prompt window.
3. Type in the command: net use \\ip\ipc$ / del and press Enter key. For example, you type in “net use \\\ipc$ /del” and press Enter. Then you can see the prompt information.
Now when you try to access to network shared folder again, you can see the username and password dialog box again without restarting your Windows 8. Then you can log in with another new username and password.